Girly Girl Greens

why living trays?

Our living trays are filled rich organic soil bursting with vibrant microgreens.  Living trays allow you to cut the greens right before you prepare them. This essentially allows you to eat living plants, full of life-giving nutrition.  Green plants have long been known to provide the highest amount micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, and many other phytochemicals per calorie.  As a plant is cut and stored, vital micronutrients are lost with each passing hour and each passing day.  Most greens that you purchase in the supermarket are a minimum of 3-5 days old. Then you store them for a few more days in your refrigerator.  Living trays allow you to take advantage of the full benefits of these greens, without loss of nutrition.  It's feeding your body vital nutrients and vitality our bodies were designed to have. 

We take the utmost care to ensure our greens are as healthy and nutritious as possible.  We never use pesticides or chemicals. We buy seed from High Mowing Farms, an all-organic seed company based out of Vermont.  Our soil comes from Cedar Grove Compost from Maple Valley, WA.  We enrich the soil with organic kelp & other organic matter.  

Our greens get lots of light and needed darkness at night.  Just like a human needs to rest, so do greens. It's essential they also receive some dark hours at night in order to metabolize and convert those carbohydrates into plant tissue. They deepen their roots, thicken their stems, and broaden their leaves. In essence, plants work hard by day, and grow strong by night.  

We take great care to know just the right mix of good nutrition and proper care to grow healthy, delicious greens that are bursting with nutrition.  It's not just about growing greens.  It's about growing the healthiest and nutritious greens possible.  

how it works

Our farm is located in Duvall, Washington.  Soon we will be offering a weekly delivery of one half flat (10x10 tray) of mixed microgreens to residents of Duvall. Every week for a month the microgreens inside the box will be rotated for a variety of flavors. Please contact us for further details if you are interested in signing up for this offer.


baby greens and microgreens trays


Our farm is located in Duvall, Washington.  We currently deliver to residential homes located in Duvall and the nearby area. We will be adding more delivery areas soon. Please fill in the request form below to find out when we will deliver to your city.  

If you are a grocer or vendor, we make special deliveries for minimum order sizes.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to set up a delivery schedule for larger weekly orders. 


Living packs

Our living packs are smaller 5x5 inch packs filled with vibrant microgreens. 


Packs are small enough to set on a  windowsill.  They will easily live for 1-2 weeks placed on a sunny windowsill or placed on a kitchen counter that has medium to bright indoor lighting.  Water lightly each day to keep the soil moderately moist.  Cut and use as you need. 


Living trays

Our living trays are full size 10x20 trays filled with vibrant microgreens or baby greens.  You can order a tray of one type of green, or mix and match up to 6 varieties.  Contact us to customize your weekly tray. 


They will easily live for 1-2 weeks placed on a kitchen counter that has medium to bright indoor lighting.  Water lightly each day from the bottom to keep the soil moderately moist.  Cut and use as you need.