Your microgreens are delivered to you with all the water they need for that day. However, you will need to care for them and check them once or twice a day to ensure they stay fresh and nutritious. We recommend using filtered or purified water if at all possible. Turn the blocks upside down one at a time and carefully pull the plastic block off. Leaving the microgreens upside down in your hand so that the roots are facing you, spray the entire bottom with water until the roots are moist. Carefully place the dirt back into the block and set right side up again. It's helpful to lightly brush across the top of the microgreens so they will continue standing up. 

If you have difficulty removing the plastic block, try to ease the microgreens out one end at a time. If the soil starts break into pieces as you're removing them, simply leave the microgreens in the block and water using the method below. 

Remove all the blocks from the tray. Fill the bottom of the black flat (without holes) with a thin layer of water and then put the blocks back in. Let the water soak into the microgreen blocks for 1-2 minutes, then check to make sure all the blocks have absorbed the water they need. If you touch the side of the soil it should feel like a wrung-out sponge. If it is too heavy or wet, simply tip the blocks on their side on the edge of the flat at a 45 degree angle to dry them out a little. Water only as needed. Mist once or twice a day from the top to keep them fresh. 

where to keep your microgreens

Microgreens are best kept near a window or other well-lit area. Make sure they are in the dark at night. 



When you're ready to use the microgreens, harvesting is easy. Take a pair of clean, sharp scissors and hold the microgreen block at an angle in your hand. Use the scissors to cut what you need while keeping the block at an angle. This allows the microgreens to fall easily onto a plate or other surface without having to pull them out after cutting. Sometimes cutting the side of the block makes it easier to harvest the microgreens using the method just described. Some microgreens can be completely removed from the block container and cut.