For Chefs

We work closely with our Seattle and Eastside Chefs to provide them with the best quality microgreens possible.  Our standard is quality first, with a focus on providing our Chefs with the perfect product, delivered on time, with outstanding flavor and vibrance. 

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Flat (10 x 20 Tray of 6 blocks)

Block (6.5 x 5 block)

6 blocks = 1 flat

You may purchase a full flat of one variety (6 blocks total) or individual blocks of any one variety.  You can customize a full flat to have up to 6 varieties.  All microgreens are sold live in the soil they were grown in. Certain specialty varieties are only sold in smaller, 5x5 blocks. 



How it works

We have many varieties available every week for delivery. You may order ahead of time from our fresh sheet or choose out of a limited surplus when we are delivering in the area. Email us for a copy of our fresh sheet or if you would like to create a standing order. Simply contact us and we'll be happy to get you set up. 



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free delivery

We deliver for no charge to Seattle on Wednesday's between 12pm-3pm and to Bellevue on Thursday's in the afternoon. We have a minimum order of 1 flat (6 blocks) on these days and there is no delivery charge.  We prefer not to leave our product outdoors as our greens are delicate.  We can leave it somewhere inside the kitchen or restaurant. 

We pride ourselves in quality and service. If our product is not satisfactory, we will happily replace it or refund your money.