Committed To High Standards

Being certified organic with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), we're very committed to maintaining high standards in our growing practices and in the way we operate our business. Every microgreen flat is specially cared for and checked each day. We live on a mountain in Duvall that sits 1,200 feet above sea level. Our water comes from a 300-feet deep well and is untouched by any toxins, chemicals, or pollutants. The water tested very clean and pure and free of any bacteria, heavy metals, or toxic materials. You can see the results of this test from the pictures at the bottom of the page. An organic pH down is added to the water used on the microgreens to lower the pH into the slightly acidic range, where most plants thrive. 


All materials used in our operation are listed with the WSDA and certified for organic use as outlined by the National Organic Program (NOP) and are on the OMRI list. There are five components used in our soil, one of them being Cedar Grove Organic Compost. Fresh batches are mixed every time we plant and no soil is ever reused once microgreens have been grown in it. 


Blocks that the microgreens are grown and delivered in are never reused. That's why we ask all the restaurants who support us to please dispose of them on their own. Bottom flats (1020 trays) are reused but washed thoroughly after each use and then air dried. The flats never come in direct contact with the microgreens. Humidity domes used while growing the microgreens are washed regularly and allowed to air dry. 

Our spray waterers that are used on the microgreens are allowed to air out after being emptied of all water. They aren't filled again for another 8-12 hours once emptied. After about 3 weeks of use, a weak bleach solution is put in to the waterer and flushed through the machine, including the tubing and spray wand. It sits overnight and is emptied out the next day, followed by a vinegar rinse through the tubing and spray wand. Lastly, all the vinegar is rinsed out thoroughly before running pure water through the machine. Once dry, it's filled normally and ready for use again.