Why Are We Called Girly Girl Greens?

People often wonder why we chose the name Girly Girl Greens. After all, we could have named our farm anything. While thinking about what we would call our business, we first considered names that would be traditional, such as Red Gate Farm or Down To Earth. We practiced saying it to see how it would sound if we said, "These are grown at [insert name]." But after a while, we realized that we needed to stand out, and if we wanted people to remember us our name would have to be unique. 

After bouncing a few ideas off our siblings, we settled on the name Girly Girl Greens because it captures our story and describes us. Since we're women owned and operated and have 8 daughters in the family, it was perfect. And it's a name people don't forget. Not to mention the microgreens could be called "girly" because they're small and delicate compared to their full-size counterparts.