For Chefs

We work closely with our Seattle and Eastside Chefs to provide them with the best quality microgreens possible.  Our standard is quality first, with a focus on providing our Chefs with the perfect product, delivered on time, with outstanding flavor and vibrance. 

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Flat (10 x 20 Tray of 6 blocks)

Block (6.5 x 5 block)

6 blocks = 1 flat

You may purchase a full flat of one variety (6 blocks total) or individual blocks of any one variety.  You can customize a full flat to have up to 6 varieties.  All microgreens are sold live in the soil they were grown in. Certain specialty varieties are only sold in smaller, 5x5 blocks. 



How it works

We have many varieties available every week for delivery. You may order ahead of time from our fresh sheet or choose out of a limited surplus when we are delivering in the area. Email us for a copy of our fresh sheet or if you would like to create a standing order. Simply contact us and we'll be happy to get you set up. 



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free delivery

We deliver for no charge to Seattle on Wednesday's between 12pm-3pm and to Bellevue on Thursday's in the afternoon. We have a minimum order of 1 flat (6 blocks) on these days and there is no delivery charge.  We prefer not to leave our product outdoors as our greens are delicate.  We can leave it somewhere inside the kitchen or restaurant. 

We pride ourselves in quality and service. If our product is not satisfactory, we will happily replace it or refund your money.

What We Grow

Spicy Flavor

Spicy microgreens are our best selling varieties.  They add a punch of flavor and heat and are wonderful compliments to salads, meat dishes, and savory meals. 

Arugula Microgreens

Arugula is our best selling microgreen.  It has a distinct arugula bite but without the bitterness you'll often find in its mature leaf counterpart.  It's wonderful added to just about anything. 

triton radish

Very spicy and considered on the small side for radish leaves, this variety is perfect for garnishes or adding zing to a dish. The stems are a medium pink an d the leaves are light green.

red/Purple radish

This deep purple microgreen is a popular choice for both color and spicy flavor.  The stems and leaves provide a substantial heat that some have compared to wasabi. 

Garnet Mustard

One of our spiciest greens with a distinct mustard flavor. Spice up your meal and add a bit of zing with this spicy mama. The deep red/purple cotyledons neatly contrast the bright green true leaves, making them stand out. 


Mixed Mustard 

We mix two varieties of mustard, Ruby Streaks and Garnet, to create a stunning and spicy flavored microgreen that's as beautiful as it is tasty. Varieties also grown separately upon request.


spicy Mix

This mix is one of our best sellers.  It consists of a variety of spicy greens.  It's as beautiful as it is delicious with green, speckled, and dark purple leaves, some at true leaf stage.

Mild Flavor

These are the classic staples that have an even more enhanced flavor at the microgreen stage than at its full size. Whether they're used for garnish or as an ingredient, they're sure to please and can always be relied on. Kids especially love these mild varieties. 


Eating your broccoli can now be more enjoyable with this nutrition-packed microgreen.  Studies show Microgreens are 4-40 times more nutritious than their mature cousins.  Broccoli microgreens are mild with a slight broccoli flavor.  This is a favorite for kids! 


feisty pea (pea tendril)

Used most often as a garnish, these feathery peas create an extra appeal on plates, adding color to light dishes.



Commonly used in seed form, flax microgreens are packed with vitamins, potassium, iron, essential amino and fatty acids, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and protein. The flavor is slightly nutty. 


Red acre cabbage

Red Acre Cabbage lends a dark green color with purple edged leaves and lilac colored stems. A favorite for its color and nutritional profile.  Studies on microgreens have shown this micro can be about 40 times more nutritious than its mature counterpart. 



Classic green spinach, even better in taste than its full size counterpart because there's no bitter aftertaste. 


sugar pea

A sweet, flavorful microgreen that tastes just like a freshly cut pea. Tall and hardy, this is the perfect choice for a garnish. 


Red russian kale

A classic brassica, this red kale is unbeatable in its signature flavor. This is especially popular for the mild taste and blends easily into a variety of dishes.



longevity mix

A blend of brassica varieties dotted with splashes of bright pink amaranth. Flavor is mild. 

Red Mizuna.jpg

red mizuna

With a flavor just like its green cousin, this mizuna will add a touch of color to an otherwise plain dish. Both the cotyledons and true leaves are a deep purple/red color. True leaves are somewhat speckled and slightly pointed at the tip. 

specialty microgreens

These greens may take extra time and expense to grow, but they are well worth it.  These are the most popular with restaurants and natural food stores. 


This beautiful microgreen tastes like true basil yet lends a more delicate flavor.  It looks just like mature basil, yet because it's so much smaller, you can leave the whole leaf on meals adding a much more beautiful appeal to the final dish. A favorite with Chefs. 


red malabar spinach

Although not a true spinach, this vine variety is so reminiscent of spinach that it shares its name. Thick, glossy stems and leaves stand tall and proud. The reddish-pink stems are starkly contrasted by bright green leaves. One of the most popular varieties among chefs.



A delicate, fresh tasting microgreen, this celery is even more flavorful than its full size counterpart. 

Bronze Fennel

bronze fennel

Although this seed is more costly, the unmistakable and unique licorice-like flavor stands out. Beautiful as well as delicious.

Amaranth 3.jpg

garnet red amaranth

Beautiful, bright magenta stems and leaves stand out on this dainty microgreen. Stunning on a plate, it's widely used as a garnish but is versatile as an ingredient too. Rich in vitamins A and C, high in potassium, iron, calcium, maganese, fiber, and folate. 


Bulls Blood Beet

An excellent beet flavor with deep reddish-purple leaves and stems to match. A favorite with chefs for dressing up a plate while adding flavor at the same time. 



This delicate, frilly green gives such a fresh taste of dill it's phenomenal. Although a little touchy to care for, its distinct flavor is commonly used on fish, lamb, and pork and provides excellent taste. 

Lemon Basil.jpg

lemon basil

Lemon basil is light with a refreshing flavor. The light green, pointed true leaves add beautiful plate appeal.



This delicate, frilly green has a flavor all its own. Commonly used in French cooking. 



Shungiku is the Japanese name for Chrysanthemums. The flavor is slightly peppery. Toothed true leaves are thick and beautiful.

cilantro DSC_5307.JPG


Even more flavorful than its full size counterpart, chefs love the freshness of this delicious microgreen. Can be grown to true leaf size. 


red shiso

Shiso is in the mint family and thus related to basil. This variety has deep red stems and leaves with a cinnamon taste. Commonly used in dessert dishes. Anything that is complimented by cinnamon will blend with this beautiful microgreen. 



Buttery, tender sunflower shoots are great for garnish or used as an ingredient.


Red pac choi

Mild flavor like traditional Pac Choi. The spoon shaped true leaves are stunning with their deep crimson color.



A thick, strong microgreen with a slight cucumber flavor and broad, medium green leaves.