For Chefs

We work closely with Eastside Chefs to provide them with the best quality specialty microgreens possible.  Our standard is quality first, with a focus on providing our Chefs with the perfect product, delivered on time, with outstanding flavor and vibrance. 

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Flat (10 x 20 Tray of 8 individual blocks)

You may purchase a full flat of one variety (8 blocks total) or individual blocks of any one variety, customizing a full flat to be mixed greens.  All microgreens are sold live in the soil they were grown in. 


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How it works

We offer a select amount of varieties. You will need to create a standing order with us since there we do not offer a fresh sheet. Please contact us to set up your order. 



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free delivery

We deliver for no charge every week, typically on Wednesday. We have a minimum order of 2 flats (16 blocks).  It's best not to leave our product outdoors for too long, so leaving the flats somewhere inside the kitchen or restaurant is preferred.

We pride ourselves in quality and service. If our product is not satisfactory, we will happily replace it or refund your money.

Why Living Trays?

Our living trays are filled rich organic soil bursting with vibrant microgreens.  Living trays allow you to cut the greens right before you prepare them. This essentially allows you to eat living plants, full of life-giving nutrition.  Green plants have long been known to provide the highest amount micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, and many other phytochemicals per calorie.  As a plant is cut and stored, vital micronutrients are lost with each passing hour and each passing day.  Most greens that you purchase in the market are a minimum of 3-5 days old. Then you store them for a few more days in your refrigerator.  Living trays allow you to take advantage of the full benefits of these greens, without loss of nutrition.  It's feeding your body vital nutrients and vitality our bodies were designed to have. 

We take the utmost care to ensure our greens are as healthy and nutritious as possible.  We are USDA certified organic and never use pesticides or chemicals. Our soil comes from Cedar Grove Compost from Maple Valley, WA.  We enrich the soil with other organic matter to ensure the best possible nutrition goes into the microgreens and, ultimately, to you. 

Our greens get lots of light and needed darkness at night.  Just like a human needs to rest, so do greens. It's essential they also receive dark hours at night in order to metabolize and convert those carbohydrates into plant tissue. They deepen their roots, thicken their stems, and broaden their leaves. In essence, plants work hard by day, and grow strong by night.  

We take great care to know just the right mix of good nutrition and proper care to grow healthy, delicious greens that are bursting with nutrition.  It's not just about growing greens.  It's about growing the healthiest and most nutritious greens possible.  



1 Flat = 8 blocks

Minimum Order is 2 flats

We are a small family farm committed to providing the highest quality certified organic living greens to local chefs. Because we are a small local business, we don’t have the resources to compete with larger commercial operations but at the same time we provide a higher quality product and put personal care into each and every block of greens. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with the quality, flavor, and appearance of our microgreens, adding to your magnificent plate presentation.

·      Arugula - $3.50 per block

·      Amaranth (Red) - $3.50 per block

·      Basil (Genovese) - $3.50 per block

·      Britton Shiso - $5.00 per block

·      Bull’s Blood Beet - $4.00 per block

·      Lemon Balm - $5.00 per block

·      Red Malabar Spinach - $6 per block

·      Red Mizuna - $4.00 per block

·      Mustard Mix - $4.00 per block

·      Sugar Pea Shoots - $3.50 per block

·      Petite Snap Greens - $4.00 per block

·      Radish (Daikon, Triton, or China Rose) - $3.50 per block

·      Red Shiso - $5.00 per block

·      Red Veined Sorrel - $5.00 per block

·      Sunflower Shoots - $3.50 per block





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Our operation is inspected each year to ensure all requirements for organic certification are met.